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Specializing in Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Striping and Concrete Sealing

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Concrete Sealing

What good is a newly polished concrete surface if it isn't sealed? Why go through the trouble of polishing your Milwaukee driveway, parking lot or garage if you're going to leave it exposed to the elements, without a proper sealant on it?


Parking Lot Striping

Whalen Corp is a professional pavement marking service that has gained notable recognition over the years. Known for providing Milwaukee industries with reliable, efficient and quality services. Our parking lot striping skills and formidable customer care are hard to beat! If you're looking for steadfast workmanship and outstanding results when it comes to your parking lot, then Whalen Corp is the way to go.


Pressure Washing

Cleaning the outside of your property is one of the most important - and often neglected – steps towards increasing the perceived value of your home or lot. Whether you have a parking lot that needs to be stripped and repainted, or brick and vinyl walls that need some rejuvenation, we guarantee that our pressure washing services will scrub all of your surfaces clean.


Graffiti Removal

Though there are some people in Milwaukee who would argue that graffiti is art, we have another word for it: vandalism.


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