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Pressure Washing in Milwaukee

Specializing in Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Striping and Concrete Sealing since 1996.

Cleaning the outside of your property is one of the most important - and often neglected – steps towards increasing the perceived value of your home or lot. Whether you have a parking lot that needs to be stripped and repainted, or brick and vinyl walls that need some rejuvenation, we guarantee that our pressure washing services will scrub all of your surfaces clean. Known across Milwaukee for our efficient services and affordable rates, trust in our experienced team of technicians to treat all of your outdoor surfaces, without leaving a scratch.

Power Washing Services

Power washing is much more than spraying concrete with a hose. Using a specialized ratio of water per cleaning solution tailored to each specific job, all of us at Wahlen Corp understand that the integrity of each surface should be kept in tact, with the help of seamless and methodical cleaning. Here at Wahlen Corp, we have the ability to remove loose paint, mold, grime, stains, mud, and man-made messes like gum, graffiti, and pollution from your Milwaukee home or business. Here are a few ways in which we can help revitalize your outdoor space:

Remove the dirt and stains: whether they accumulated over a few years or a few decades, our pressure washing services will remove all remnants of dirt stains and grime, without causing damage to the surface itself.

Remove graffiti: when unwanted graffiti appears on a patch of wall or pavement, trust in pressure washing as the smart alternative to continually painting over the vandalized area.

Remove foam and mold spots: remove all remnants of dangerous mold spots and unwanted foam with our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that will keep the problem at bay.

Remove spots of rusts: the undoubted signs of aging for any building or outdoor space, rust can be easily stripped and cleaned with the help of our pressure washing services.

Remove marks of oil or paint: quick and efficient, pressure washing is the surefire way to get ride of oil markings and unwanted strips of peeled paint quickly and efficiently.

Remove pollution stains: if you have spots of dirt and grime that are clear signs of sewage issues or unwelcome toxins, pressure washing is the clean and easy solution to riding your space of problematic pollution stains.

Additional Services That We Provide

After the respective surface has been cleaned, trust in the fact that our services don’t stop there. Here are a few more ways in which we can help to rebuild your commercial or residential outdoor space in Milwaukee:

  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Roadway Marking
  • Playground Marking
  • Traffic and Parking Sign Installation
  • Parking Stop Installation

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Beginning as a family run business in 1996, Wahlen Corp has become the go-to service for pressure washing, parking lot striping and concrete sealing in Milwaukee. Call us today at 414- 771-0884 to get a quote, and to find out more about our extensive cleaning services.