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Concrete Sealing

After pressure washing, preserve your parking facility or your driveway and garage at home by sealing your concrete.  Concrete is porous, which allows salt and water to penetrate and degrade the concrete and supporting steel.  Our sealer is a top of the line, 100% solids, silane sealer.  It penetrates the concrete and alters the molecular structure to form a surface that reduces penetration of contaminates.  It is very durable and lasts for years.  There is no better way to preserve your investment than to apply sealer on a regular basis.

We work directly with the manufacturer, eliminating the middle man.  We can also package the sealing with pressure washing and striping, completely rejuvenating your facility.  By working directly with the manufacturer and providing the services together, we save you money, time, and the headache of coordinating with multiple vendors.  Call us today and we can come up with a maintenance plan that is right for you.

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