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Pavement Marking Service in Milwaukee WI

When driving or cycling, we know where we need to be on the road because of the markings that exist there. In fact, pavement is painted so often that we rarely realize how often we see it. These markings are very relevant, and often important, that is why it is necessary that they are drawn correctly every time. With Wahlen Corp., Milwaukee has a company that has top of the line equipment, and seasoned staff able to handle any pavement marking job.

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Parking Lot Striping in Milwaukee

Whalen Corp is a professional pavement marking service that has gained notable recognition over the years. Known for providing Milwaukee industries with reliable, efficient and quality services. Our parking lot striping skills and formidable customer care are hard to beat! If you're looking for steadfast workmanship and outstanding results when it comes to your parking lot, then Whalen Corp is the way to go.

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Milwaukee Pavement Contractor

All Pavement Marking, now owned by Wahlen Corp., has been serving the Milwaukee community for over 20 years. We specialize in parking lot striping and painting, playground painting, sign installation, parking stop installation, and interior industrial striping.

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