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Parking Lot Striping in Milwaukee

Whalen Corp is a professional pavement marking service that has gained notable recognition over the years. Known for providing Milwaukee industries with reliable, efficient and quality services. Our parking lot striping skills and formidable customer care are hard to beat! If you're looking for steadfast workmanship and outstanding results when it comes to your parking lot, then Whalen Corp is the way to go.

Our Parking Lot Striping Process

Painting lines on a parking lot may seem like a simple enough task, but if it’s not done with the patience and precision of a professional parking lot striper, it can end up hurting your commercial space in the long-run. Furthermore, there is more to the process than simply painting uniform, straight lines on asphalt, especially when you hire Whalen Corp to complete your parking lot striping.

Whenever we start a new parking lot striping job, we begin by sending one of our trained technicians to the job site to measure the area and make sure we’re all on the same page. Once we have accurate dimension, we can begin thoroughly cleaning the asphalt surface.

After we have cleaned the surface, we take the time to make sure all the cracks in the asphalt have been properly cleaned and filled with either a hot pour crack filler or cold pour rubberized crack filler. We do this to make sure that water isn’t seeping into the cracks as this will cause the asphalt to decay quickly.

Once the cracks in the asphalt have been filled, we apply a sealcoating to the blacktop with a commercial grade asphalt seal to protect your parking lot from the elements. Water, snow, ice, oil stains and traffic can make asphalt decay, which can help you save money in the long-run.

Not until our due diligence is complete do we begin painting your parking lot’s stripes. This is to ensure your commercial space has a professional look for years to come.

Pavement Markings

In 1990, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect requiring every business to have mandatory amount of accessible parking spaces available to visitors based on the number of parking stalls per 1,000 sq. ft. Without the proper ADA mandated designations, you risk alienating customers, hurting your reputation and possibly even getting litigated.

However, when you choose Whalen Corp to fulfill your parking lot striping needs, one of our trained technicians will be happy to include the necessary accessible spaces. Not only are we familiar with ADA regulations, we also have all the necessary equipment to stencil the corresponding markings and signage.

On top of designating appropriate accessible parking spaces, Whalen Corp is also happy to assist you in all your pavement marking needs.

Painting wheel stops onto your blacktop is typically a good way to prevent vehicles from damaging builds, walls and other vehicles, or to keep them from encroaching on sidewalks and walkways. They are an inexpensive alternative to installing curbs around the property and we’ll be happy to stencil them in for you.

Speed bumps are also a great way to control speed and improve the safety of your parking lot. However, speed bumps are only effective if they are visible to drivers. Vibrant paint jobs are the simplest and most effective way to maintain your speed bump’s visibility. So, if your parking lot’s speed bump could use a fresh coat to ensure your property’s safety, don’t hesitate to ask one of Whalen Corp’s friendly, reliable employees about it.

We Use Quality Equipment

Whalen Corp has been in the Milwaukee pavement marking industry for a number of years. We know that the degree of quality depends on taking the time to diligently apply striping. We are up to date on all the latest tools and technologies, and do our best to use the best methods available on the market.

If you are looking to fix up that lot of yours, our skilled professionals and high end equipment will have that property of yours looking fresh and spotless in no time! Since we use tools and applicants of the highest caliber, your parking lot stripes are guaranteed to remain intact for years to come, rain or shine.

Parking Lot Striping will Help Prevent Accidents

A major issue to be weary of is the dangers associated with faded parking lot markings. Inconsistent striping will make parking very difficult for clients and employees, especially if you have shipments coming in. A lack of bold colored lines could cause arguments between motorists, and even accidents; due to the miscommunication created by the absence of markers directing traffic. Having a bright stripe color that lasts will ensure a safer lot and that is our top priority. Avoid possible lawsuits due accidents caused by improper or vague striping and give Whalen Corp. a call today!

An Ugly Parking Lot Will Drive Away Customers

Poorly applied parking lot striping can really destroy the aesthetic of a company. When it comes to parking lots, more often than not, people tend to overlook just how important the striping process is. Think about it, what is the first thing you see or look for when pulling into a lot? A parking space! If the lines are blurred, the paint is faded and color is washed out, no matter how smooth or new the cement surface is, it'll still look old and rundown.

When your parking lot looks good so does your commercial space. Another important aspect is efficiency. Parking spaces will be limited if lines are nonexistent, because people will be taking up two spots at a time. This will frustrate potential clients. Don't drive away your customers because of a faded lot!

Increase Profitability

Did you know that having properly painted parking lot spaces will maximize profitability? Whalen Corp. will utilize your allocated lot and create numerous spaces so that clients won't need to search high and low for a parking spot! This will increase customer satisfaction and improve your Milwaukee based company's profitability.

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