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Pavement Marking Service in Milwaukee WI

Milwaukee Pavement Marking

When driving or cycling, we know where we need to be on the road because of the markings that exist there. In fact, pavement is painted so often that we rarely realize how often we see it. These markings are very relevant, and often important, that is why it is necessary that they are drawn correctly every time. With Wahlen Corp., Milwaukee has a company that has top of the line equipment, and seasoned staff able to handle any pavement marking job.

Pavement Marking Services

  • Intersection Marking and Road Painting; when a new bridge or road is created, I must be painted in order for drivers to use it safely. Without accurate markings to delineate traffic direction and behavior, the road would be an unsafe place.
  • Parking Lot Marking; like road painting, having a parking lot that is unmarked, can be a hazard to drivers, and at the very least, will result in a disorganized lot.
  • Reflector Placement and Supply; road areas with poor visibility must be marked with reflectors. Wahlen Corp. has a selection of reflectors, with varying degrees of visibility. No matter the purpose, we have a relevant reflector.

Accurate, and Long Lasting Pavement Marking

Precision paint means precision equipment. When it comes to pavement markings, there is no room for error and Wahlen Corp. has the heavy machinery necessary to provide Milwaukee with the quality it deserves. With more than 100 years of experience, the laborers are Wahlen Corp. feel confident in our ability to provide communicative, and dedicated service. We offer a variety of painting packages that are cost-effective, and reliable. For the best pavement marking in Milwaukee, Wahlen Corp. is the company to call.

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